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A strong and graceful body is well within your reach no matter who you are. We are passionate and dedicated in supporting and inspiring you to nurture a deeper connection with your body as you enhance your fitness, restore great posture and stability, improve core strength, flexibility and body movement ease. Sculpt a strong, lean body that moves well with the perfect balance of Pilates and Stretch every time.

Since 2006 we have been the friendly face for personalised Corporate Fitness and Workplace Wellness, small group Studio Classes and Private Training. We love treating you to your transformative workout alongside stretch, tension release and relaxation for truly balanced fitness. Specialising in personalised small group and private training, you are treated with extra care and attention.

"I want you to love training your strong and graceful body, skillfully within your capabilities, achieving your goals and long-term potential in a nurturing, enjoyable and inspiring way! Bring the power of strength, grace and flexibility into your days. We are here for the strong and graceful body in all of us, in form and attitude".

Graceful Body Trainer, Penny Cook

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Workplace Wellness/Corporate Fitness and Wellbeing Programs

Since 2006 we have been partnering with and inspiring executives and their teams to be their finest with our corporate fitness and well-being programs. We offer the best in body-conditioning with Pilates inspired workouts together with Stretch, Release and Relaxation sessions for strong and truly balanced bodies and minds.

Pilates and Stretch Studio Classes in Sydney’s St Leonards, for All Levels.

We offer boutique Studio Classes in Sydney’s St Leonards only a 2min walk from the train station and parking. Our emphasis is on small group training where you are treated with care and attention. Our personalised sessions cater for about 8 clients per class, giving you with plenty of room for you to train, stretch and

Personal Training for Pregnancy, Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Performance

Personalised One-to-One Programs are perfect for your Postural and Movement analysis together with a targeted workout for your circumstances. Excellent if you are a beginner wanting a firmer foundation in technique, rehabilitating from injury, refining your practice during pregnancy or

Develop Fluent Body Movement. Become Graceful.

Develop the fitness, endurance and responsiveness of an elite athlete’s body within your capabilities. Build targeted strength, agility and skillful, fluent body movement. This is

Deepen your Body-Mind Connection. Enjoy your Workout, Release and Relaxation

Our personalised approach and small group classes ensure your technique is precise every time as you are encouraged

Intelligent Exercise Balanced with Flexibility. Build your Endurance Gradually for the Long Term

Our gradual yet targeted approach means you learn to do things skilfully for maximum effectiveness. You literally learn

Begin wherever you are. Join Me for Class, Workout Tips, Stretching, Relaxation & Bonus Wellness Sessions. Enjoy!

Pilates+Stretch! For the Strong and Graceful Body in All of Us. Tues 7pm and Sat 8:30am Studio Sessions in Greenwich ❤(Music: Erica Campbell's "More Love" snipet)

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