Graceful Body with Penny Cook

Inspired by a body-mind practitioner’s dedicated training, every exercise, movement and stretch in Graceful Body is designed to build strength, grace and flexibility. Our intelligent workouts target and sculpt long, strong and lean muscles in the legs, glutes, core and upper body. Special emphasis is placed on restoring postural alignment, building core strength and stability while promoting efficient, fluent body movement.

We also believe in balancing your workout with stretch, release and relaxation, understanding techniques and nurturing a deeper connection with your body to ensure lasting results. Develop the endurance, responsiveness and beauty of an elite athlete’s body within your capabilities. No previous experience required.

Make Graceful Body your own. Enjoy personalised attention and train with an Instructor who is sensitive to your needs and cares for your wellbeing, with our small group classes. Discover and reach your potential in a step by step pace, ensuring your exercise is safe, skilful, inspiring you in fitness, wellness and in life! Newfound strength and gracefulness can be yours no matter who you are.

Your Instructor, Panagiota Cook has been a body-mind practitioner since 2001 and trained everyone from corporate executives and their teams, professional athletes, dancers, artists, expectant mums, children, sports enthusiasts, within a clinical environment at various studios and gyms both in Australia and Internationally. She knows body-mind fitness works and loves to personalise and shape programs to your needs, body-conditioning goals and aspirations.

“I love guiding you in your transformative workout towards a strong and Graceful Body. Inspiring you to build up your strength, flexibility and freedom in movement gradually and intelligently for enduring results. Whether for your exclusive fitness, cross-training, recovery and rehabilitation, flexibility, release and relaxation; I love getting to know you and seeing you thrive in life. And call me Penny, my friends call me Penny.”

Training and Qualifications

Pilates for Back Pain Course (Studio Pilates International 2019)
Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology (Tensegrity Training 2017-2018)
Matwork Pilates Certificate (Studio Pilates International 2018)
Essential Pilates Matwork with a Fascial Focus (Stott Pilates 2018)
Foam Roller, Level 1 (Stott Pilates 2018)
Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy (Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy 2013)
Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teaching Training Certificate (2012)
Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training (2011)
Advanced Yoga Studies & Teacher Training Certificate (2005)
Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies, HRM and IR (The University of Sydney 2001)

Other Experience

Bodytone Yoga, Founder and Principal Instructor (2006-2018)
Yogadance Company, Founder and Artistic Director (2007 -2018)
Yoga and Creative Dance Summer Intensive, Mangala Studios Melbourne (January 2013)
Broadway Dance Center, New York City, Dance Training Retreat (December 2013)
Professional NRL Sports Team A-Grade Level, Stretch Training Provider (2011 -2012)