There is much talk and a plethora of approaches when it comes to nourishing your health and wellbeing. Here at Graceful Body we are for Simplicity. Take a nice tea break today. Enjoy it by yourself, with your favourite book or with a loved one. This can be your relaxation. Cheers… It is so easy to get catch up and lost in the MANY ways to do things even when it comes to relaxation, when in fact some things are natural. Keeping things simple is a great way to ensure you put in rest time during your days.Read More →

Approach your flexibility with care. Enjoy the gradual release work before the big stretch. Knowing very well that flexibility is simply a component of your body-mind fitness. Balancing your muscle strength throughout your body, targetting postural tendencies to bring about good balance, improving your range-of-motion and your quality of movement as well as understanding technique and optimum breath support will all contribute to your agility and flexibility. Approach flexibility as a component of your fitness program and integrate it in your sessions for best results. Enjoy stretch and release work alongside strengthening, core work, balance and coordination exercises.Read More →

When we train together we also plant healthy seeds in our body-mind for a stronger, more responsive, well aligned and relaxed body. These are the attitudes you can take into your days beyond our Pilates and Stretch sessions. Our “brain muscle” is highly important when it comes to physical training. Focus, coordination and balance all form and facilitate neural pathways that build our skills in body awareness, fitness, technique, efficient movement and gracefulness in form and attitude.Read More →