Sculpt a Strong, lean body that moves well with our Pilates and Stretch Classes. Build strength, improve your posture, balance and coordination.

Honing in on the body-mind connection is powerful in fitness because it requires concentration, cultivates awareness and skill. Your body becomes more intelligent and responsive no matter where you begin or what your needs, goals and aspirations are. Our workout focus is on technique, effectiveness, with low repetitions and flow of breath and movement. Depending on your level, we will incorporate a mix of both gentle and dynamic approaches and practices to your sessions.

  • Build strength, power, grace and flexibility
  • Build core strength and stability
  • Activate your deepest muscles and postural stabilisers
  • Improve your posture
  • Promote efficient, confident, graceful movement
  • Improve your balance and concentration
  • Challenge yourself intelligently within your capabilities
  • Take a proactive approach to rehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Sculpt strong and lean muscles in the legs, glutes, core and upper body
  • Stretch your muscles, release tension and stress
  • Increase muscle tone and muscle balance
  • Improve flexibility and range-of-movement/joint mobility
  • Deepen body awareness and coordination
  • Enhance vitality, stamina and performance

When you train with us you are an active participant in your fitness and wellness. We believe in you being involved in your training as an equal. Our Pilates and Stretch classes bring together the best of Pilates body conditioning together with Stretching and Relaxation from our in-depth experience previously in Yoga.

Our personalised approach and small group classes ensure your technique is precise every time as you are encouraged and challenged in a way that is approachable, safe, enjoyable and aiming at you discovering and realising your potential. We love to support and inspire you to strengthen your understanding of your body-mind connection, taking this awareness into your days.
There is a genuine passion, care and transparency in the way classes are delivered to ensure you develop a deep understanding of the science and beauty of body-mind fitness. You are inspired to be an active participant in the design of your workout with questions and honest feedback always welcomed.

All sessions begin with a brief checking-in to meet you where you are at on the day, still keeping in mind your needs, goals and longer-term aspirations.

Welcome to our warm, personalised and supportive sessions. Your strong and Graceful Body awaits.