Book Your Initial FREE 30 min Consultation*

Let’s organise to meet over a Skype or Zoom Call to find out how we can best be of service to you. What are your fitness needs, goals and aspirations? We also do a brief postural analysis to give you practical fitness program guidance and tips.

From there you can decide whether private one-to-one training or small group classes either online or in person suit you best. This is an obligation free session.

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Looking forward to meeting you!

*Normally $60. Subject to schedule availability. I hope we can find a time that works well for both of us.


Book Your Obligation Free Initial Workplace Wellness Session*

Enquire now about your obligation free 30min Complimentary Visit subject to availability. From there, we can look at 8 -10 week programs or longer depending on your company schedule. We can also visit you for Individual Team Building Days and Conference Events. Workplace Wellness can begin for as little as $150 per session for your group. This also includes additional support and motivation beyond the allocated sessions.

We like to limit groups to 8 to 12 participants to ensure personalised attention and best results. Where a larger group comes together, we will frequently schedule multiple sessions with smaller groups to ensure every team member gets the very best value in training, release work, relaxation practices and enjoyment from these sessions! We work around your schedule and provide equipment like exercise mats, stretch bands etc.


Book Your Introductory $10 Online Class*

Come one and give this a go with us! Simply enquire to book in the next available spot. Our Small Groups cater for 4 to 8 lovely clients like you! Where our groups may get crowded we do our best to open up new sessions to keep it small and personalised for you.

Welcome to our new online format. Sessions are still in small groups for personalised attention so that your workout is not only effective but enjoyable. You are able to ask questions and share what your needs are on the day /or if you feel shy you are most welcome to simply smile and give us a thumbs up or a wave for further instruction and guidance.

Classes are nice and simple so you don’t need a lot of space or any special equipment. Simply yourself (your family or flatmates or pets are also welcome to join in!) and a great attitude. Let’s do this!

Looking forward to meeting you and “seeing you” for our virtual classes.

If you choose to go ahead and continue training with us there are value 5 class and 10 class packs available.

60min Small Group Online – 5 Class Pass at $23 each ($115) Valid for 2 months

60min Small Group Online – 10 Class Pass at $20 each ($200) Valid for 3 months

60min Small Group Online – Casual Class at $25 each

Pressed for time? Why not make the most of 30 precious minutes together with us

30min Small Group Express Online – 5 Class Pass at $13 each ($65) Valid for 2 months

30min Small Group Express Online – 10 Class Pass at $10 each ($100) Valid for 3 months

30min Small Group Express Online – Casual Class $15 each

Do you love working out one-to-one with fitness classes designed especially for you? Please get in touch for our privates packages.

Commitment and consistency brings results and enjoyment in this, so we highly encourage you to make exercise part of your lifestyle. In saying this, it is completely your choice so there are no lock in contracts or ongoing payment fees. We want you to choose to love training with us as much as we love training with you!



Book Your Introductory $20 Studio Class*

Come try out a Studio Taster Class! Simply enquire to book in the next available spot.

Welcome to our boutique Studio Classes within Dance 102 Performing Arts Studio in St Leonards. Our small group sessions of 6 to 10 Clients maximum ensuring you receive individualised attention, precision in your technique, opportunities for feedback and plenty of room for you to train, stretch, balance, relax and enjoy your sessions! All equipment is provided for you including exercise mats, towels and small equipment. There are bathrooms and change rooms available for your convenience.

As a valued Client you enjoy the following rates for your training:

Would you like to know what’s involved in developing a deeper, healthier, more intelligent connection with your body?

Begin with a 5 Class Pilates and Stretch Foundation Studio Pass: $125 (valid for 2 months) 

It doesn’t take long to bring awareness to your posture, personal body habits and begin to unlock the desire for optimum body alignment along with an equal measure of stability and mobility. We simply take on a personalised approach and do this together, sharing every helpful technique, postural analysis tips, ensuring your exercise program is safe, effective, enjoyable and balanced with release and relaxation. This option is also perfect for complimentary training in enhancing your sports performance, endurance, longevity and establishing good foundation to injury prevention practices.

Would you like to see the difference towards a stronger, more defined body that begins to support more efficient, graceful movement?

Continue with a 10 Class Fitness and Wellness Studio Pass: $230 (valid for 3 months)

Beyond understanding lifestyle, postural and movement habits, targeted strength is often the missing link in supporting your body to release the default for aches, pains and lack of energy. Continuing your training with Pilates and Stretch means that once you gain precision in your technique you will then focus more on building your strength with additional options, intensifying your workout and transforming your body.

You can dream about it or you can commit to nothing less than your very own strong and graceful body no matter who you are!

Commit to your 20 Class Graceful Body Studio Pass: $420 (valid for 6 months)

Here we ensure you cover all aspects of this practice; postural and movement awareness, precision in technique, targeted strength and flexibility for your body type, re-alignment and re-education of body movement patterns, cultivating greater balance and body responsiveness,  so that you begin to feel, look and have a whole new graceful body every day.

Over my 17 years as a body-mind practitioner and instructor I have seen time and time again that those who thrive and realise their goals and dreams make a firm choice and commit to making their health, fitness and wellness a priority. The hardest thing is making it to the session. The rest we do together and as your strength, flexibility and enjoyment grows…only the best comes next! Always.

Put in the time and get to the core of what you personally require from your workout, release and relaxation.

Private One to One Training with a Postural and Movement Analysis

We highly recommend our One to One Personal Training including Postural and Movement Analysis $150 (75mins). Along with value packages for ongoing Private Training Pilates and Stretch sessions. Private training is targeted solely for your circumstances and excellent for intensive results, rehabilitation, pregnancy and other specialised programs. By appointment. 

Are you in the area occasionally but still wish to treat yourself to a great workout and body wellness pamper? No problem.

Casual Studio Class Visit $28.

Simply get in touch prior to class to ensure there is a spot reserved for you. You can call or text 0423 595 557, email or send a contact request here and contact us!

No joining fees or contracts. Simply you and your very own strong and Graceful Body.